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Professional live-streaming, marketing , production and multimedia company for everyday creators, venues and local businesses in Louisville, Kentucky.
Interviewing Ron Whitehead in Centertown

Welcome to DarkstarTV. 

We are a multimedia production company specializing in video livestreaming, multicamera recording, video monetization and video production. Founded in 2017 we have filmed and streamed hundreds of shows, performances, podcasts, YouTube videos, shows and more. We service private and public schools, institutions, brewery's, distilleries and artists as well as first time artists, filmmakers or other small businesses. Our reputable client list underscores our commitment to growth, achievement and client vision. We focus on maximizing theatrical value, minimizing costs and crew, and providing  monetization options designed to fully recover or exceed the expense of hiring us.


Live video production is an art unto itself and live-streaming is pure chaos and thunder. Anything can happen at any time. Realistically. Let's be honest. *bleep happens And its those moments when DarkstarTV shines brightest. Calm under pressure, focus, priorities, checklists, frantically scurrying about busily and telling everyone to remain calm. "We got this. It's just a technical difficulty."

When COVID hit we were already years into the businesses with cutting edge technology. With the addition of Darkstar's StreamTheater we have developed a full turn-key streaming and distribution service for theaters, art schools, drama programs, orchestras and other performance arts clients.

We offer an affordable service with exceptional value. For one we care, and for two we work for a fraction of most of our industry peers. That means we work with more than big companies and school districts. Are you a startup artist or local musician? $350 can have you in the door. That's 3 professional robotic PTZ cameras operated over IP to a digital control board capable of controlling the group actions of 100 of those cameras, plus a one or two person crew, branded, in uniforms, in a branded company vehicle for 1 hour. Good luck beating that value anywhere.


Oh, and one more thing. Darkstar TV is now in the event ticketing management business with StreamTheater. We can monetize your fans, audience or customers into an easy to use pay-per-view stream, paid-on-demand video rentals, paid downloads and donations-all packaged into a customized streaming page on DarkstarTV at no extra cost to you. Our ticketing system, in partnership with Wix, accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.

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