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Darkstar TV 2019-2020 Updates

Jaslyn at the controls of the production
Heading 6

Jaslyn at the controls of the production at LRS Fest 2019 with sound engineer Cory Cayer

2019-2020 was a year of learning and growth for DarkstarTV.  We moved out of Jimmy Can’t Dance and our training ground and invested in a new studio space downtown where we since formed a partnership with another production company on an upstart project VilleTV which is just entering its second season. In addition to obtaining a 40% interest in the VilleTV network (in exchange for 10% percent of our own interest to them) we also are in the process of building out an entirely new private studio as part of a group LLC to permanently house our equipment and studios and to sustain the collective financially.

In addition to new real estate, we added an additional $15k of camera and studio equipment and built out an entirely new set for the Ville TV program.


We trained and subcontracted three additional engineers and have invested monthly into marketing and branding campaigns which have really driven up our name recognition. We bought a new utility vehicle and branded it, upgraded our audio platforms and legitimized all of our interests into LLC holdings with defined objectives.


Finally, and the real measure of success in a film production company, is our film projects and the fact that this year we are working on our first full feature length film slated for national distribution.


In mid 2019 documentary filmmaker Nick Storm partnered with DarkstarTV to executive produce and produce the 10 year movie in the making, Outlaw Poet, a documentary on a legendary local Kentucky poet named Ron Whitehead. This has led to meetings with local multimillion dollar executive producer/record company producer and local real estate developer Gill Holland who has granted use of some of his record label artists (SonaBLAST! Records) and will help shepherd the film into festivals and distribution later in post production.


Outlaw Poet Documentary