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The Daily with the Colonel, is a broadcast, playing Monday - Friday, sharing the best venues to experience and the details of their happenings.

Morning you heathen bastards!!! I know some of you are asking yourselves, who is this man of stature and grace that sits before me, like a god of thunder or a son of Zeus? I would answer you is I the one, the only, effulgent, statuesque, resplendent Colonel here with my daily stack of stuff, toiling through the days events, determining things you can do after work so that you don't have to…

The MerryWeather

                    1101 Lydia St

                 Louisville, Kentucky

New Bi-Weekly Pinball tournament hosted by Michael Hartman. Head to Head games in round robin format. FREE entry! Prizes for top 3 finishers.Games on coin drop. All skill levels welcome!



       1134 E Breckenridge

        Louisville, Kentucky

       Open 3pm-4am Daily

       Dive Bar · Pub · Arts & Entertainment

             (502) 582-9217

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